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Healthy Start


90 minutes

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First, we will dive deep into your Initial Interview, focusing on your health history, YOUR goals, and health concerns. Next, we will review your completed Food and Mood Journal together. This is a wonderful tool for me, because it not only shows me what foods you eat but how your energy, mood, and digestion are affected throughout the day. I will make recommendations based on food quality and nutrient balance, what foods I think you may not be tolerating well, and where we can add in nutrient-dense foods. We will also go over your completed Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ). This tool shows us what nutritional foundations may be out of balance for you (digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acid balance, minerals, and hydration). I love this part because it is all about your symptoms and really getting to the root cause of them, so we can get you feeling your best.

We will agree on a plan together. I am all about meeting you WHERE YOU ARE, so at this point, you will decide how fast or slow you want to do this. This is all about you! After our meeting, I will provide you with detailed nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations to get you on the road to health. *$199 will be deducted from the package prices below if you decide you want more within two weeks of this meeting!

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